BrandTher Token

About BrandTher Token
● Name: BrandTher
● Symbol: BTH
● Decimal number : 3
● Total supply: 99,000,000,000 BrandTher
● ID: ENZRpHBfRi2cdMPPinweVqqHprLQtn4XVyYQZ82th8H9
● Blockchain : Waves Platform

IEO in WavesExchange 1,000,000,000 BrandTher
IEO Price 1 BrandTher = 0.00011 WAVES = $ 0.0001

About BrandTher Token

● Name: BrandTher
● Symbol: BTH
● Decimal number : 3
● Total supply: 99,000,000,000 BrandTher
● ID: ENZRpHBfRi2cdMPPinweVqqHprLQtn4XVyYQZ82th8H9
● Blockchain : Waves Platform

1,000,000,000 BrandTher : ICO Price 1 BrandTher  = 0.00011 WAVES  = $ 0.0001 , on Waves exchange .

D – Distribution of BrandTher

●   1,000,000,000 BrandTher : Airdrop & Bounty for 3 years.
●   1,000,000,000 BrandTher : ICO Price $ 0.00001, Waves exchange
●   7,000,000,000 BrandTher : EtherBrand Team
● 90,000,000,000 BrandTher : List exchanges,  expansion and platform.

BrandTher Wallet & Exchange

BrandTher  Wallet & Exchange


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• Install antivirus software and keep it updated

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About  BrandTher Projects


Fuel Efficient

Advantages of Blockchain technology in marketing.

1. Speed ​​of handling digital advertising requests
The most advanced applications on the blockchain can now handle more than 7,000 transactions per second. But this number is much lower than the statistics reported by Visa,

showing that the ability to make over 24,000 transactions per second. Advertisers hope that the speed on the blockchain will continue to improve and increase and that digital

advertising transactions may soon be processed in the same time as they do in the electronic field. However, at present, blockchain is still too slow to handle in the digital

advertising environment

State of the Art

2. The future of advertising and blockchain marketing?

As technology continues to evolve, new versions of blockchain can bring more value to marketing and advertisers. For the future of blockchain, the database can update the smart

contract every day with new shipping, impression or click data. They can also pay when the campaign has ended.

Many large companies like IBM, MetaX and Amino Payments are investing heavily in blockchain with a focus on advertising. With the advancements in technology, you can also see

many applications from these companies that make blockchain marketing more affordable and transparent.

We are a pure advertising service provider in Vietnam.
We have many promotional orders with Fiat cash payment (VND). Transfer transactions with large and slow costs, many risks with cash. That led us to develop the BrandTher

Highly Trained

We would like to introduce the BrandTher Projects .
BrandTher is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on Waves Platform . BrandTher will become the main means of payment in a number of BrandTher projects .
Moreover, Owner of the EtherBrand will receive a passive income due to the work of the platform. Up to 20% of the profits from the project will be reserved and distributed to the

Owners of BrandTher in proportion to the number of coins on your balance.
The launch of the project will take place in 2020 .
At the end of 2020, BrandTher currency has been listed on the Waves exchange .
We are actively working with partners and service providers to expand and develop the BrandTher project.
BrandTher will be the exclusive token used in the EtherBrand Projects . You can use BrandTher as Fiat cash with all our services.
You can trade BrandTher with $, Bitcoin, or any other coins supported in the service of BrandTher Projects .

Are you ready to come to BrandTher  Projects ?
You are the developers of the service, the project, the exchange of Cryptocurrency.

Do you want to do airdrop & bounty to promote your community development? Do you want to advertise your product to all users in the world? We will make you satisfied with the

service of BrandTher  Projects .
We provide advertising, marketing airdrop to all services, platforms and projects on Blockchain