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Global Market Coin

Tron Blockchain

Global Market Coin ( GCM ) – Building the Airdrop Platform on Tron Network

Exchange GCM/TRX

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Our platform uses blockchain technology to connect publishers and advertisers to let them make direct deals.
Global Market Coin (GCM) is an open ecosystem that allows anyone to start offering ad-related services in a fair and transparent marketplace. Join us to benefit from the lowest fees, lack of intermediaries and instant payments for publishers.

Airdrop and Bouty

We prepared a special bonus for everyone who will decide to try out our network as an advertiser.


GCM Token will be released on the basis of Tron Blockchain platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

Global Market Coin

Advertising platform of GCM

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Advertising LCD - Frame

Marketingvietnam’s LCD advertising service, FRAME is targeting the right target customers because of the characteristic that attracts each group of consumers by positioning each product. This is a communication channel to advertise the right people, at the right time with outstanding advantages …

Advertising on Radio - VOV - FM

Contrary to the perception of many people, Radio is still an effective advertising channel with many advantages such as wide reach, low cost, difficult to be ignored …

Advertising on Taxis

Taxi advertising can take your brand almost anywhere, seen by Millions every day. Bold designs, colorful images give you a competitive edge in today’s increasingly competitive market …

Advertising on the Bus

Advertising on the Bus is one of the highest viewership means of advertising. Buses are like billboards moving in and around densely populated streets with a lasting impact on pedestrians, drivers and passengers …

Outdoor advertising, panel, billboard

The forms of outdoor advertising are quite diverse and rich with unique characteristics depending on the type, we should choose to suit the products and services to be promoted …