● Stage 1: Airdrop & Bounty, first exchange list and ICO implementation with Doge and Btc markets
We distribute 300,000,000 ADV Coin for 3 years for all Airdrop & Bounty community development programs.
We will airdrop with Bot service of ADV Coin, the first phase will limit toke withdrawal (complete ICO).
A new website will be launched, which will provide all the information about the project and all our services.
We develop and provide Bot services on Discord and Telegram to all servers that want to advertise and perform Airdrop & Bounty for community development.

● The next stage will be launched with Website, Roadmap and ADV Coin Whitepaper


Check ADV Coin Whitepaper  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LZ3cWQjjEtLZQqaECAR6oOkOu6AvTFeB